Megan Green Legal Up Coaching

My name is Megan Green and I’m a certified life and business coach as well as a lawyer. I’m certified by Brook Castillo’s The Life Coach School and use the skills and concepts of coaching, as well as my legal knowledge, to help new coaches move forward towards their own coaching business dreams.

Besides being a lawyer, I’m also a Pilates instructor, a wife and mother, and a complete devotee to the concepts of life coaching and personal development. I initially pursued my life coaching certification with an intention to add health coach to my fitness teaching career. But as I was setting up my business and networking with other newly-certified coaches, I noticed a common obstacle: we all had mind-drama.

Although, as coaches, we learned and live by our coaching methods to serve our clients, we still get in our own way when it comes to setting up and running our businesses. Do we set up and LLC? What about insurance? Contracts? A website? Social media? Disclaimers? And what’s this GDPR everyone is talking about?

Our minds start racing and we get stuck in indecision. Although we may know how to coach ourselves when it comes to our relationship, our food choices and our money mindset, when it comes to the legal part of actually setting up and running our business, we want someone to just tell us what to do.

When you ask around what you should do, you may get the standard reply of, “talk to your attorney.” But do you have an attorney? Hiring an attorney for solid legal advice, especially one who specializes in online business formation, is always a great idea. But are you ready to make that investment? Do you know how to find that attorney? Or you may get advice from your fellow coaches to do one thing, or definitely don’t do that other thing. Or what about all of the online attorneys selling DIY templates, promising you that you’ll be able to avoid stiff penalties from countries you’ve never even visited if you just buy their template and take 5 minutes to put it on your website.

Does this sound familiar? What comes up when you think of all of this? Do you start to feel overwhelmed? confused? What kind of action do you take? Do you just spin in indecision? Do you wonder who to trust? Do you keep googling, hoping to find the right answer? What are you not doing? You’re not moving forward in your business.

That’s where I come in. I’m not your lawyer. I’m your coach. However, as a lawyer, I have a bit more knowledge to give you facts. Then I coach you. I help you go from being stuck and overwhelmed in indecision, to feeling confident and empowered to start moving forward in your business. I’m not going to give you legal advice or tell you what actions to take. What I offer is so much more. I coach you to take action.

If you are a new coach and are finding yourself stuck in indecision, overwhelm, confusion or fear, we should talk. I offer a free 45-minute consultation call during which you can bring one area of your business to me. I won’t be giving you legal advice, but I’ll give you the tools to make a decision to move your business forward.  

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