You did it. You earned your Life or Health Coach Certification. You worked hard developing your coaching skills. You’ve practiced coaching and may have even had paying clients. But now it’s time to start a business. You could if you just knew where to start.

You’ve been following a coach or may have even joined her group membership program. She has a website, a membership portal, social media images and a loyal following. You want that too. You want to do social media live events, retreats, run a program or a course. You have the vision.

And then you start to think of the details. How do you get a website up and running? What are all those legal disclaimers or policies? Do you need to form an LLC? Insurance? How exactly do you sign a client up? Invoices? Can’t they just Venmo you? What will happen when you file taxes? That’s when your head starts to spin.

You might ask someone from your coaching certification program or in a coach group and you’re told to seek the advice of an attorney or a CPA. Or you get conflicting advice which just makes your head spin more. You just want to set up a coaching practice and help some people.

Coaching isn’t one size fits all and neither are business dreams. That’s where my empowerment coaching comes in. What is empowerment coaching and how is it different than hiring a lawyer? Read all about that here.

For eight (8) weeks, we’ll meet virtually once a week and go over all of your dreams, plans, thoughts, hang-ups, fears, excuses, goals, etc. This won’t be legal advice. This will be so much more. This will be empowerment coaching.

Our partnership will begin by first creating the plan you want for your life and your business. Together, we will focus on the strategy, the legal and business issues and your mindset to start your business. As a Certified Life Coach myself, I will help you identify the thoughts that are holding you back and how to overcome them. With me, you will have consistent guidance and support to implement actionable steps to that dream business.

This isn’t just another start-your-business program and it will not be legal representation or advice. I’m not going to tell you what to do and I’m not preparing any documents or filing anything. My empowerment coaching is so much more than that. With me, you’re going to decide what the perfect steps to take and build the confidence to understand your own legal and business hurdles. I’m going to empower you to become your own lawyer, you’re own CEO, and, most importantly, you’re own boss.

It’s time. It’s time to create that coaching business you know you were meant to create. It’s time to create the life you dream about. I help coaching professionals just like you create the business that will bring them the autonomy, joy, flexibility and freedom they desire. You know you were meant to take those skills to the next level. I can help you get there. It just starts with one free call.

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