As a new coach, you may eager and ready to coach your first clients. You may already be coaching. But are you feeling confident on how to invoice and take payment from your clients online? Are you still taking checks? Sending them your Venmo information?

What about using a contract? Should you use one? How do you write one? How do you get a signature?

As a professional coach, you want to present yourself as a professional business by sending your clients an invoice, a link to a legitimate method of payment and, possibly use a Coaching Agreement. You know there are several different ways to do this, but the tech part of it may be overwhelming and you’re wasting time Googling which method is best, most cost-effective, or what everyone else is using.

Don’t waste any more time. Grab my Quick and Easy Guide to Onboard your Coaching Clients. As a bonus of signing up, I’ll send you a Coaching Client Agreement template for you to use and explain the ‘must-knows’ to set yourself up to onboard your coaching clients with ease, professionalism, and confidence.

I use Dubsado for my own business and in this Guide, I show you the bare basic need-to-know steps to set yourself up to get paid. Once you feel confident that you have the steps in place to legitimately accept payments from your clients, you’ll find yourself making more offers.

Don’t delay anymore researching and asking others what you should do. Grab my Free Guide, set yourself up for successful payment, use myFree Coaching Agreement Template, and start coaching your clients.


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