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How to get your website with course videos up quickly–and for only $13

I recently had a client who had recently been certified as a life coach. She had a vision of her business. She clearly visualized a website which not only gave potential clients a way to to read about her and her package offers, but which also linked to a course of her 6-week program. The course would offer a set of video webinars, downloadable worksheets and weekly live coaching which would be recorded and then added to the course’s library content.

Do you have the same vision? Is there a successful coach who you follow or whose membership you’ve joined. She has a beautiful site where members login and can work through course-work, watch videos and watch weekly coaching sessions, either live or later on-demand. That’s what you want, right? But it looks complicated….and expensive. You’ve even looked into the pricing options of some of the recommended membership and course hosting platforms are triple-digits per month. Plus, you’ll need to hire a web designer to explain how to put it all together for you and make it attractive. Those are just not expenses you can handle.

So you do nothing. It remains a dream that maybe one day you’ll have once you have enough clients to justify hiring all of it out.

Guess what? That’s a thought. It doesn’t have to be complicated. What if you could have that membership website and course for $13. That’s not per month. That’s total.

First, let’s talk about the website. Yes, you can pay someone to build it for you. You can design one yourself, purchase a template or use Squarespace or Wix. These are all really good options. But I’ve noticed that many of my clients spin in confusion here. They don’t know how. They want someone to do it for them. They’re not ready to pay someone to do it for them. And so they don’t.

In a coaching session with me, I help my clients see that it’s their own thoughts (“I’m just not a techy person,” “I’m too old,” “I don’t have the time,” “It’s too complicated”) which stop them from taking the steps forward. You can Google, “How to start a website,” and take it step by step. When something doesn’t work (and yes, when you work with WordPress, something will probably not work), you Google that. You take it step by step.

For some of my clients, I sometimes suggest keeping it really really simple. The reason to have a website it to (1) share your content and (2) build an e-mail list. Both Mailchimp and Mailerlite offer free website builders. This means, you can build a simple website which will come with an email collection form built in and do it for free. All you’ll need to do is buy a domain name, which usually costs $12.99.

Now, what about your coarse, you videos, your downloadable workbooks and your membership? I love using Thinkific for this. Thinkific will let you build up to three courses for FREE! This means you can start uploading your videos to Thinkific, set it up there to collect payment for your membership to our “courses,” and then set up a link from your website to your Thinkific site. You could have three different types of memberships without being charged.

What’s even more exciting is that Thinkific has just launched Live Lessons and made it free on all plans (including the free plan!) through December 31, 2020. With Live Lessons, you can teach your live classes (accepting payment though Thinkific), and then include the tape of your live lesson as part of your course (which you’re charging an on-going membership for). All of this for that one $13 payment for a domain name.

I used Thinkific for my Understanding Privacy Policies course, (see how the button links to Thinkific?–that’s how you’ll do it). I was very very happy with it and found it very easy to understand and upload. They’ll start charging for the Live Lessons feature next year, but by then you’ll be able to know if it’s a feature that’s worth paying for. In the meantime, you’re up and running an online coaching business for $13!

If you still have a bunch of mind drama about all the reasons you don’t understand how to set up a business, talk to me. I’m currently coaching clients on how to get over their own mental blocks and start their coaching business dreams.

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